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We accept purchase orders from schools, and have many schools order our
software that way. You may also order by check through the mail,
through one of our distributors, or by using our Amazon Store below.

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Note that the default for our Amazon Store purchases is the Hybrid Flash Drive version; to purchase the Hybrid CD version simply request a CD in the shipping notes. Credit Card purchases are processed by Amazon.

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For Schools and Chromebooks consider our School Subscription Server Version:

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Software is also available at a special price for iPads and macOS desktops as an (iOS) App in the Apple
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If you already own our Introduction to Airplane Design software and wish to have our latest offering (version 6), we only charge 20% of our current listing prices to upgrade the license you hold to the latest version and offer free shipping for the upgrade (within the USA). Additionally, if you wish to increase your license to a lab or site license from a single, we can give you credit for the purchase you have already made for our software. You simply need to contact us about options and show proof of purchase of our software.

Gliders by Design:

Gliders by Design is our compact home/school version of flight software. Consider this less expensive basic flight unit as another option if you do not need curriculum, and/or do not wish to go into the design of powered aircraft. It is a great science project to explore flight and have fun with at home, or an excellent addition to any existing aviation, technology, or transportation curriculum in schools. You may even wish to get both.

Science by Design:

Interested in more than one title? Consider our Science by Design CD which bundles Introduction to Airplane Design, The Bungee Egg Challenge, Science Methods: Searching, and Global Warming: Understanding Greenhouse Gases all on one CD for a special price ($279.00)

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