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* Recommended by the Eisenhower National Clearinghouse

* Recommended by the CoVis Program: Learning through Collaborative Visualization - Enhancing science learning to provide authentic experiences in the practice of science CoVis Program. Review by Dr. Jonathan D. W. Kahl, Director UWM CoVis Project, Assoc Professor, Atmospheric Science

Name of Product: Global Warming: Understanding Greenhouse Gases
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Publishing/Parent Company: Seeds Software
System Requirements (Mac/PC): Mac/Win
Subject Covered: Earth Science, Physics
Approximate Grade Level of Appropriate Student: 9-14
Supplemental Materials: Teacher's Guide, labs, activities and answers to exercises are included with the software. The labs and activities are quite detailed and well thought-out.
Description: This software provides a hands-on experimental tool for investigating global warming and the greenhouse effect. Several background topics are included: irradiation, photons, molecules and gases. The heart of the program is an atmospheric general circulation model (GCM), which allows users to vary several important parameters, including concentrations of various greenhouse gases, cloud cover, and snow and ice feedbacks. A good tool for demonstrating the complexities associated with the global warming debate.

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Graphics: 9
Interactivity: 8
Ease of Navigation: 8
Treatment of Subject: 9
Development of Critical Thinking Skills: 8

Evidence & Consequences of Climate Change

Climatologists are making ever-greater progress understanding the Earth's climate and how humans are influencing it. There is now a wealth of information and data available over the Internet on this topic; as well as considerable debate, confusion, and misinformation on what it all means. To help get a great start on any climate change studies considering using our brief summary of the evidence and potential consequences (constituting the work of many scientists and studies). Then consider using our software to quickly gain a solid foundation of the underlying principles and science behind the climate studies so that students develop the understanding needed to make sense of all the news and debates on climate change in the press and over the Internet, and to sort through them from an informed perspective.

Book & Video Resource Recommendations

Wump World by Bill Peet
A fictional story about the effects of environmental change. An imaginative and well done look at nature impacted by unnatural change. A good discussion book for the "Why do we have to know this crowd." Paperback (4-8 yr old readers)
Buy it today!

The Lorax (Classic Seuss) by Dr. Seuss
"UNLESS someone like you...cares a whole awful lot...nothing is going to get better...It's not." Long before saving the earth became a global concern, Dr. Seuss, speaking through his character the Lorax, warned against mindless progress and the danger it posed to the earth's natural beauty. Hardcover (It is written for childern but its message rings for everyone) Buy it today!

Janice Vancleave's Ecology for Every Kid : Easy Activities That Make Learning Science Fun (Science for Every Kid)
Good reference with simple experiments to illustrate ecological issues facing our planet. Greenhouse gases and global warming are briefly explored. A good starting point to jump into a more in depth look at the complex issues. Paperback (9-12 yr old readers) Buy it today!

Is the Temperature Rising? The Uncertain Science of Global Warming by S. George Philander
Synopsis: This book is science written in a straight forward, nontechnical, language. It is less about global warming theories and predictions and more about giving the reader an appreciation of how complex and difficult it is to predict global warming. Much of the book is devoted to providing an overview of the many factors involved in the earth's climatic system, its mechanisms and actions, and their intricate interplay. Hardcover-Illustrations (secondary school students and above) Buy it today!

Basics of Environmental Science by Michael Allaby
A good overview of the history and issues confronting environmental studies. Allaby is considered one of the gurus for this newcomer science, and a master at analyzing complex systems and their interactions. A good place to start as he gives valuable insights into reading informational studies and research with a critical eye. Paperback (secondary school students and above) Buy it today!

Atmosphere, Climate, and Change (Scientific American Library) by Thomas E. Graedel
Review: Booknews, Inc. , August 1, 1995 (Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or)
The authors describe in clear, accessible language how scientists use clues embedded in rocks, ice cores, ocean sediment, and tree rings to construct the story of long-term climate change. Also explored are the causes of long-term climate change, with an emphasis on the recent human contribution to change; effects these changes have had on the evolution of life; and scientific predictions of the future. Plentiful color photographs and diagrams. Paperback (secondary school students and above) Buy it today!

Global Warming: The Complete Briefing by John T. Houghton
Synopsis: The author (Sir Houghton), a world-renown expert, is one of the editors of the final assessment reports on climate change made by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). This book guides the reader through the scientific basis of global warming studies and the IPCC reports, what is understood,the current predictions, the uncertainties and consequences, and actions that can be taken to mitigate the impact. Hardcover (high school-college, adult readers) Buy it today!

Climate Process & Change by Edward Arndt Bryant
Editorial Review: This textbook encompasses the true complexity of climate change. Bryant presents the basic processes behind climate change and outlines the nature and reasons for the dramatic temperature fluctuations over millenia, including recent changes partially related to human activity. The effect of climate change upon human health and the world's ecosystems are discussed. Paperback (high school-college, adult readers) Buy it today!

The Discovery of Global Warming by Spencer R. Weart
Comments of the author: This book is a history of how scientists came to imagine such things as how a tree could be felled by global warming. "It is a hopefull book. It tells how a few people, through ingenuity and stubborn persistence came to understand a grave problem even before any effects became manifest. And it tells how many other people, defying the old human habit of procrastinating until a situation becomes unbearable, began working out solutions." Paperback (high school-college, adult readers) Buy it today!

What's Up With the Weather? by Nova,et,al. Video
This video is an excellent introduction or supplement for climate change studies. It provides the viewers with many insights into the issues of global warming and climate change. There is a fine balance in the presentation of the science, the predictions, and the difficulties of altering the course of human influences. Viewers will gain a better appreciation of why global warming is such a hot issue, widely debated, with very real and possibly very large consequences for the earth and how we live. Video (Secondary to Adult viewers). 2Hr, NTSC format (US and Canada only) Buy it today!

A Global Warming? The History Channel Special Presentation
Synopsis: Increased temperatures, sea level rise and human suffering...what's causing the Earth to warm and what might happen if we can't reverse or slow the trend? Follow climate experts from around the world as they investigate the most dramatic climatic events in history in this no-holds-barred look at global warming and its consequences. It's a story of unimaginable extremes, mass extinctions and remarkable survival. Cable TV Programming (Secondary to Adult), Available @ iTunes, 1 Hour and 30 minutes, Copyright 2007

Grassroots Climate Change Educational Organizations:

Climate Change Education

This organization is an endeavor to bring volunteer: scientists, educators, students, and science museum docents together in educational partnerships to better educate and inform our communities about global warming issues so that we may all understand the need to intelligently work together to secure a sustainable future -- education at its best, as a community effort. Get involved!

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