Gliders by Design

Harness the incredible power of your computer. Design impressive gliders that
you can easily put together. Why purchase gliders when you can quickly learn
to design and build them? Create whole squadrons of your very own designs
that you can make soar!

Learn about flight by designing gliders -- far better than WhiteBox

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Software Reviews:

*by: SuperKids Educational Software Review

...Bottom Line: "Model airplane designers and builders will love this program. Motivated teenagers can use it without adult supervision. Concepts are clearly explained, however many kids may not have the perseverance to get that far. Gliders by Design would be excellent used in a teaching setting where an adult (teacher or parent) guides students through the different aspects of flight design with the fun hands-on experiments suggested. Even younger children could appreciate and understand the variables of flight when presented in this manner. It would be a fantastic science project. But lets face it, even if you only absorb a fraction of the concepts explained, it would be pretty gratifying to build a glider that didn't crash on impact on its maiden flight." Review

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