The Bungee Egg Challenge

Don't just drop eggs from heights to see what happens, use math and science
to find out. Do a fun egg drop activity to study physics. Learn the dynamics
of motion, energy, and materials. Use educational software to design your
bungee egg drops to rebound with knowledge and understanding.

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Bungee software teaches students about gravity, energy, and impacts

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Critical Reviews:

* Recommended by CITC (California Instructional Technology Clearinghouse) as a high quality instructional technology resource which supports California's curriculum framework and standards.

* Recommended by the Eisenhower National Clearinghouse (featured in Focus, vol.6, no.2)

* Recommended by the CoVis Program: Learning through Collaborative Visualization - Enhancing science learning to provide authentic experiences in the practice of science CoVis Program. Review by Dr. Jonathan D. W. Kahl, Director UWM CoVis Project

Name of Product: The Bungee Egg Challenge
Software [X] Web-Based [ ] (check one)
Publishing/Parent Company: Seeds Software
System Requirements (Mac/PC): Mac/Win
Subject Covered: Physics
Approximate Grade Level of Appropriate Student: 9-12
Supplemental Materials: Teacher's Guide, labs, activities and answers to lab exercises are available.
Description: This is an excellent simulation of the design of an egg drop project. The relevant physics concepts of damping, forces, elasticity, kinetic and potential energy are described, and tools for interactive exploration of these concepts are provided in the program. After exploring these tools, the student can then use the insights gained in the "Egg Drop Lab," in which the object is to avoid a noisy splat!

Evaluation:Indicate Level 1-10 (10 being highest)

Graphics: 8
Interactivity: 9
Ease of Navigation: 8
Treatment of Subject: 9
Development of Critical Thinking Skills: 9

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